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Starting a business requires more than a good idea. A successful entity needs to have the proper foundation to stand on and a plan for the future. The business-savvy lawyers at the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis PLLC provide strategic advice and effective guidance in helping entrepreneurs, business owners, partners and shareholders create new businesses to prepare for a successful future.

Strategic Advice for Business Startups in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas

Business formation requires making important decisions about complex legal matters that will affect your new entity, its stakeholders, partners, shareholders and potentially employees far into the future. Choosing the proper entity is a vital step in shielding business owners from personal liability for business debts. Entity selection also involves an analysis of the business operations and how taxes should be addressed. We have helped new businesses in the McAllen, Texas, area prepare for success for years.

Our new business organization services include helping clients to choose among a wide variety of entities, including:

  • Limited liability companies — Members of an LLC are generally protected from liability for the debts of the company. As a hybrid of a partnership and corporation, the business owners can choose between being taxed as a corporation and partnership when creating the entity.
  • Corporations — Where shareholders own stock and elect a board of directors. Officers manage the day-to-day operations of a corporation. We thoroughly explain the differences between taxation as a Texas C corp and taxation under federal law as an S corp.
  • Professional corporations — Only licensed professionals may form a PC organization. The shareholders generally manage the corporation.
  • Professional limited liability companies — Licensed professionals may form a PLLC.
  • Limited partnerships — A general partner has authority to manage the business and holds personal responsibility for the liabilities of the company. Limited partners are generally shielded from liability, but participate in profits.

We guide new businesses in preparing and drafting legal documents to avoid litigation. Shareholder, partnership and membership agreements are vital tools for memorializing agreements concerning management and operations. Exit strategies may also be addressed in the official documents of the organization. Business policies may involve agreements to protect the entity, including non-compete, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements. Our services include providing new business with the tools needed to protect the company into the future.

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