Construction Litigation And Contract Review

Construction projects are time-sensitive matters that need to stay on track to produce profits. When disputes arise in the construction industry, the increased costs can quickly put a business at risk. Construction disputes frequently involve high-stakes matters involving the complex relationship of several areas of law. The construction industry itself can take years to understand. If you are involved in a construction dispute, you need a lawyer who is well-versed in the nuances of the construction industry, as well as contract, real estate, insurance laws and a variety of dispute resolution procedures to protect your interests.

Vast Experience Filing Bond Claims and Mechanic's Liens

We help clients in the construction industry protect their right to payment for their hard work. We can assist you in filing a mechanic's lien or bond claim to ensure the paperwork meets the technical requirements. Complying with the strict timelines is vital in filing a mechanic's lien. Our trial lawyers are ready to file a lawsuit to enforce your right to payment. We guide clients through the requirements that apply to their unique circumstances. In public projects, we represent subcontractors, suppliers and others in resolving bond claims through notice or litigation, when necessary.

Cost-Effective Construction Dispute Resolution

Resolving difficult construction disputes in a cost-effective manner is a clear strength of the Law Office of Ryan C. Solis PLLC. Our law firm is highly responsive to the needs of our clients. We take pride in providing in-depth analysis of the legal dispute and investigation of the facts, including rigorous contract analysis to provide reliable advice as to our clients' best legal strategy under the circumstances.

Our litigators are prepared to provide responsive, agile representation to protect your rights and obtain the most favorable and cost-effective resolution possible in mediation, arbitration or trial. While cost-efficiency is a vital concern, protecting our clients' rights is paramount, and our trial skills are a clear strength of the firm. We draw on extensive experience in construction law dispute resolution and a continuing commitment to advancing our knowledge of construction industry litigation to effectively handle claims involving:

  • Delay penalty disputes
  • Construction defects and cost overrun claims
  • Change orders
  • Contract matters
  • Workmanship disputes
  • Construction bond breach and surety issues

Our extensive experience litigating construction law disputes serves as a strong backdrop for clients who need help understanding the details in a construction contract. We provide detailed analysis of the terms of an existing contract to allow our clients to have a full understanding of the terms. Our written report can help you avoid litigation or negotiate better terms to protect your contractual rights.

Arrange a Consultation with a Knowledgeable Construction Law Attorney

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