South Texas Attorneys For Probate And Wills Services

We provide comprehensive probate services for families in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas. You may understand the importance of drafting a will to express your wishes should the unexpected occur, in minimizing probate taxes, in protecting property during the probate process and in providing an orderly succession of assets. Creating a well-reasoned estate will is a loving gift that you can give your family to reduce conflict and the strife that can occur in the absence of a properly drafted estate plan.

Writing a Will

Wills are invaluable tools for expressing your wishes should the unexpected occur. You can gain peace of mind that your wishes will be followed. You likely understand that you can specify how your property is to be distributed after your passing through a properly executed will. Parents of minor children can gain peace of mind through appointing a guardian for the children in a will. Protecting your family with advance directives, living wills and powers of attorney is a loving way to relieve strife after a nonfatal medical emergency or serious injury.

Probate and Estate Administration

The probate process, when a will exists, or the administration of an estate in the absence of a will can be a difficult and time-consuming process for grieving families. Our focus is an invaluable asset for clients in navigating the complexities of probate.

Our trial lawyers also represent beneficiaries, heirs, fiduciaries, executors and administrators in complex probate litigation. The validity of a will and actions of personal representatives, administrators, executors or trustees are common sources of dispute. We have substantial experience protecting the interests of clients in trial.

To learn more about our effective estates and probate services, or to request a confidential consultation to discuss your interests, send us an email or call 956-686-9600. We serve the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas with offices in McAllen and Raymondville.